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Updates from school

Dear Parent/Carers,

 I am sure that you are all aware schools will reopen fully for all our junior pupils on the 15th March.  As a result, I am writing with some reminders and information about the systems and processes that will be in place. At the end of this letter you will find a timetable of staggered start and finish times and reminders about which door your child will come in/leave from.

 What will re-opening look like?

The school continues to update our risk assessment and this can be found on the school website. We follow Welsh Assembly and Local Authority advice at all times. The general points are:

  • Children will be kept in class ‘pods’ of approximately 30 pupils.
  • Each ‘pod’ will be taught by the same two adults. These adults will be the usual class teacher and an LSA. For one morning or afternoon session per week another member of staff will deliver lessons to allow teachers to have planning and preparation time;
  • Where a child needs extra support there may be a further adult in the classroom and if a member of staff is ill there may be supply staff in class;
  • There will be no larger gatherings e.g. assemblies and there will be no indoor P.E. lessons;
  • Entry, exit and dinner times will be staggered to maintain as much social distancing as possible;
  • Some limited intervention programmes will be run for children with additional learning needs but these will be reduced as staff have been redeployed to classroom based work. Teachers will provide appropriately differentiated work in class.
  • Please do not send your child to school with bags or pencil cases. They should bring a named, plastic water bottle and a simple plastic box for packed lunch if needed.
  • Pupils should wear school uniform but with joggers/leggings that are suitable for P.E and outdoor learning. Please wear trainers if possible. Don’t wear open toe shoes or shoes that are not suitable for outdoor learning. Please ensure your child wears a coat.
  • Hot dinners will be provided for children in their class ‘pods’ if wanted but they must be paid for via ParentPay. We cannot accept cash at all.

Is the bus still running from Tonmawr?

Yes, the bus will run as usual. However, due to staggered entry and exit times it will need to drop the children to school by 8.15am and will not be able to leave until 3.45pm. The children will be supervised in Breakfast Club in the morning and by class teachers in the afternoon until it is time to board the bus.

Is Breakfast Club running?

Yes, Breakfast Club will run as normal. If your child was attending before Christmas they will be able to continue to attend. If you want your child to attend and they DID NOT attend before Christmas, please let the school know as we have limited places available. We may need to operate a waiting list.

I have more than one child with different start and finish times? What should I do?

Please drop your child with the earliest start time first. They can come straight into school via the correct door and make their way to class. Then you can make your way to the correct door where your other child/ren will be let in early and supervised until the rest of their ‘pod’ arrives. In the afternoon, at pick up time, please do the reverse. Collect your earliest finishing child first then move on to collect the others from the correct door. Please Dojo the class teachers to let them know your child will be dropped/picked up early.


My child or another member of the family has a new cough and/or a fever. Should I keep my child home?

No child should attend school if either they or a member of their household has a temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of/change to their taste or smell. Your child should remain at home, in isolation with the rest of the family for 10 days or until a negative test result has been obtained. Please keep the school informed.


How can parents help? What expectations do you have of parents?

To make this return to school successful and as safe as possible we need to ask you for the following:

  • Please talk to your child about the return to school and the importance of following the rules and good behaviour.
  • Please ensure that your child is in school at the correct time and collected at the right time. We will have no system to manage lateness at all. The staggered entry is absolutely key to ensuring that we adhere to social distancing. Please do not wait in the playgrounds before and after school. If you do need to wait at all, please use our coloured spots which will be painted on the playground 2 metres apart.  This will help with social distancing;
  • Please follow the one way system in place and wear a face covering on school grounds at all times;
  • Please do NOT come into the school building unless it is an emergency or by prior arrangement.
  • Please keep in contact with us. If you have any worries or concerns, let us know. This could be about your child’s wellbeing or work. We will do our very best to help.

 If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please rest assured that your children’s wellbeing is always our top priority. I look forward to seeing the children back on the 15th March.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Woodford (Headteacher)



Staggered Arrival and Leaving Arrangements:

 We will stagger entrance and leaving time to the school to minimise interactions and promote essential adult social distancing.


Year group ARRIVAL



Via the same door as arrival

Reception 8.45AM

Reception door

1JE 8.45AM

Usual door

1MF 8.45AM

Main door

2 JB 9.00AM

Usual door

3KR 8.30AM

(Year 3 door)

2/3LM 8.30AM

(Main Entrance)

4AT 8.45AM

(Year 3 door)


4LG 8.45AM

(Main Entrance)

5DG 8.45AM

(Upper Playground door near to hall)


5SP 8.45AM

(Upper Playground door – Year 6 area)

6CN 9.00AM

(Upper Playground door- Year 6 area)


6AC 9.00AM

(Main entrance)

6BG 9.00AM

(Upper Playground door near to hall)




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