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Start of Term Information

School starts for pupils on Wednesday 4th September at 8.50am.

Staff will be in the infant playground to direct you to the correct entrances if you are unsure of where to go.

We have a ramp being put in at the main junior entrance. This is unlikely to be completed by the beginning of term and will cause some disruption. The children will need to use the lower door, off the Year 3 and 4 playground. Staff will be on the playground to direct you on the first few days of term. Please bear with us for the first couple of weeks of term until the ramp is completed. Thank you.


Sponsored Event

Thank you so much for your support for the Sponsored Events held this week. We have raised nearly £3,000 for school fund. As a result:

1) Each class will receive £25 to spend on resources next term;

2) The junior classes will each have £30 to start up their own enterprise project in November;

3) We will be able to add to the ‘small world’ resources in the infant classes;

4) We will be able to buy some new maths resources for use across the school;

5) We will be able to top up our P.E. and playground resources.

Pupil J2Webby

What is J2Webby?

J2Webby offers a simple but safe way of publishing children’s work online.

  • J2Webby harnesses the power of the most popular website creation and blogging site in the world (WordPress).
  • However Just2easy we have removed the complexity that you do not need and added in some eSafety and other features that you do need.
  • The result is teachers can concentrate on being creative with their class, not the technology.

How does it work?

When a child publishes their work created in either J2e or JIT – it first is held in ‘moderation’ in J2 Webby for the teacher to check before the teacher decides if it should be publically available on the school J2Webby publishing site.

How do I get to it?

Visit the ‘Blogs’ Section by clicking here.

How can a pupil share their work?

Stage 1

The pupil clicks the ‘blog’ button to send their J2E or JIT file to the teacher moderation area for checking in J2Webby.

Stage 2

When the teacher has checked and approved the file – it will appear on the schools J2Webby publishing site.

It is important to point out, that due to the potentially high volume of work produced by pupils at home, teachers will primarily moderate pupils’ work on its level of appropriateness for the school J2Webby, and thus aim to approve and publish work promptly, as to maintain pupil motivation. This will inevitable lead to some of our children’s work being published with occasional spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.

Where tasks are teacher directed e.g. homework or classwork,  they will be marked with constructive feedback, in line with the school marking policy.

How can others comment on my work?

After the JIT or J2E file has been approved by the teacher in J2Webby – anyone viewing the publishing site for the school can comment on any blog posting.

The actual comments themselves will not be published until the teacher has checked and approved them in J2Webby.

This is an excellent facility for engaging parents in their children’s work and promoting home / school communication, but in a controlled online environment.

Topics for 2019-2020

Staff have been busy planning next year’s topics for the children. They are as follows:

Foundation Phase:

Autumn Term: Food, Glorious Food

Spring Term: Electric Rainbow

Summer Term: There’s no Place like Home!


Key Stage 2 (Juniors)

Autumn Term: The Rugby World Cup/Festivals

Spring Term: A History Topic (the children will chose the era they are studying and the class teachers will let you know)

Summer Term: Kids against Plastic!

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

As a school we have delivered philosophy lessons to the children for several years. Using books, pictures of film as a starting point, we encourage the children to think about the ‘big questions’. These may include:

Are we alone?

What makes a good friend?

What is loneliness?

Due to the hard work of staff and children led by Miss Morgan, we are now proud holders of the Bronze P4C Award in school. Well done all!