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Governor Role Term
 Cllr Peter Rees LEA
Chair of Governors
 Rev Lynda Newman Community Governor
Vice Chair of Governors
 Mrs Helen Woodford Headteacher
 Cllr Allan Carter LEA Governor  13.06.21
 Cllr Adam McGrath LEA Governor  31.08.21
 Cllr John Warman LEA Governor  31.08.21
 Mr Chris Gittins Community Governor  31.08.21
 Mr David Cole Community Governor  31.08.21
 Mrs Yvonne Gowling Parent Governor  31.03.21
 Mrs Alexa Kingston Parent Governor  31.03.21
 Dr Kim Jenkins Parent Governor  31.01.22
 Mr David Lucas Parent Governor  31.01.22
 Mr Steven Parvin Teacher Governor  31.03.21
 Mrs Denise Blonden Staff Governor  31.10.21