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Extra Curricular Clubs

In Crynallt Primary School we offer our children a range of of extra-curricular activities from coding to eco club  to sports and encourage students to pursue their own passions. The clubs take place either at lunchtime or after school and are very popular with our children. Providing extra-curricular activities not only raises levels of self-esteem amongst our pupils, but it provides an outlet for the students to voice their opinion e.g School Council.

*Please note, all of the clubs listed below are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19. We will update you when we are able to resume these clubs.

Lunchtime Clubs

Monday Digital Leaders (KS2) – Mr Parvin

Lego (KS2) – Mrs Johnson

Tuesday Criw Cymraeg (KS2) (Fortnightly) – Miss Evans

Welsh Yard Games (FP) (Fortnightly) – Mrs George

Digital Club (FP) (Fortnightly) – Miss Evans & Mrs George

Gymnastis – Mrs Gittins

(Aut 1 – Y3) (Aut 2 – Y4) (Spr 1 – Y5/6)

Football (KS2) – Mrs Gillett & Mr Fitchett

Kapla (KS2) – Mrs Johnson

Wednesday Rights Respecting Club (KS2) – Miss Roberts

Ball Skills (KS2) – Mr Whitehead

Dance Club (KS2) – Miss Richards

Colouring (KS2) – Mrs Johnson

Thursday P4C Club (Y6) – Miss Morgan

RRS/Super Ambassadors – Miss Roberts & Mrs Day

Ball Skills (KS2) – Mr Whitehead

Junk Percussion (KS2)  – Mr Woodford

Dance Club (KS2) – Miss Richards

Board Games (KS2) – Mrs Johnson

Friday Rugby (Y5/6) – Mr Parvin & Mr Bridgman

Choir (KS2) – Mrs Spacie

School Council (KS2)  – Miss Todd

Librarians (KS2) – Miss Todd

Eco Club (KS2) – Mrs Neal

Fun Fitness (KS2) – Mr Whitehead

Minecraft (KS2)  – Mr Woodford

Lego (KS2) – Mrs Johnson


After School Clubs

Wednesday Coding Club (Y5/6) – Mr Parvin (3:20-4:20pm)

Netball (Y5/6) – Mr Whitehead (3:20-4:25pm)

Thursday Film Club (KS2) – Miss Clemes (3:20-4:20pm)

Multi-Skills – Mr Whitehead (3:20-4:25pm)

(Aut 1 – Y4) (Aut 2 – Y3)

(Spr 1 – Y4) (Spr 2 – Y3)

(Sum 1 – Y5) (Sum 2 – Y6)

Advanced Music (KS2) – Mr Woodford


Yoga (KS2) (Monday Assembly) – Miss Williams