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Teaching Film

Teaching Film in Crynallt Primary

Crynallt Primary works closely with Into Film to support the teaching of film across the curriculum. Into Film is a UK-wide cultural arts educationorganisation, which puts film at the heart of children and young people’s learning and personal development. It provides young people with the opportunity to experience film creatively and supports teachers to achieve a wide range of effective learning outcomes using film.



Using Film in lessons is a great opportunity for children to socialiseand improve their communication skills and self-confidence. It encourages children to voice their opinions and develop their literacy skills for example, discussing films, writing stories and reading reviews. The children’s speaking and listening skills are developed through discussions within groups and partners. There are opportunities for group work throughout a film project. The children support each other and are able tolearn so much from each other.



The New Curriculum for Wales organiseslearning around six areas of learning and experience which includes Expressive Arts. Expressive Arts focuses art, dance, drama, film and digital media, and music. Film covers a number of these objectives and encourages children to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills.



As well as watching and analysingfilms, our pupils are also given the opportunity to create their own films. This allows children to develop their Digital Skills using iPads and exploring new apps. This year the children have used Green Screen, iMovie and Stop Motion.



In Crynallt Primary we use film to enrich the curriculum and the skills the children learn. We have been able to explore themes and issues through the use of film. For example, this year the children looked at the themes of Friendship and Anti-Bullying.

Our work on film has recently been used as a case study by IntoFilm;

Film Club were also invited to visit the Atrium in Cardiff to showcase and discuss all of Crynallt’s hard work with other Primary Schools.