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Updates from School

Dear Parents/Carers,


It has been lovely to see the children back today and I hope you all managed to have a good half term, despite the dreadful weather and lockdown!


I have some information, reminders and updates for you:



There was some concern this morning about windows remaining open in school. I can confirm that we are ventilating the school as much as possible as well as putting the heating on for longer. This is not a unilateral school decision but is Local Authority policy based on the latest guidance from the Welsh Assembly which states:


Schools and Settings should ensure adequate levels of ventilation…… Where schools rely on natural ventilation including opening windows and doors to provide a supply of fresh air, this practice should continue to improve ventilation. 


However, this can and will be altered if the weather is very cold or wet. In this case windows may only be opened a small amount/ fewer windows will be open and classrooms will be ventilated before and after the school day.


As mentioned already, it is a good idea to send children to school in warm clothing appropriate for outdoor learning but  if you would like to send your child into school with an extra layer of clothing in case they become cold please do so. They can always take a layer off if they get hot. Please make sure all clothing is named in case children do want to take layers off during the day. 



Although around 80% of parents are following procedures in school, I had several parents concerned about social distancing this morning.  

It’s really important that we work together to keep our children and their families safe and keep the school open, especially as cases of Covid 19 are rising. Can I appeal again for all parents and carers to follow the systems in place? We understand that as the weather gets colder and wetter this may be inconvenient,  but the whole school community can achieve the safest possible environment by working together.

Quick reminders:

  • Please enter the school site via the front entrance at the correct time. Do not come early.
  • Please make sure your child brings everything they need to school and that they arrive on time. The school office is exceptionally busy at the moment and we need the support of everyone to keep things operating efficiently.
  • If your child is ill, please let the school know. This morning office staff  had to ring 24 families to find out why children were absent and this takes a lot of time. You can message through Schoop, use the Covid email address if the absence is Covid related or phone the school office
  • If you drop children in Miss Evans, Miss Hawes and Mr Bridgman’s classes, please leave via the back entrance unless you are dropping junior children off OR you have mobility issues/buggies. In this case, please walk up the DRIVE not the path until you get to the zebra crossing where you can leave via the path around the bus bay.
  • All parents dropping junior children should leave via the path around the bus bay.
  • Parents dropping children at nursery and Mr Fitchett’s classes can also leave via the driveway/bus bay.



A reminder that all schools have been advised to provide parents with a single email address that they should use to inform head teachers of positive cases of COVID-19.

It is as follows:

The email should contain your child’s name, class and a phone number.

A member of the school leadership team will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the email.



The updated risk assessment relating to Covid 19 has now been uploaded to the website.


On a number of occasions recently staff have been subjected to rudeness from parents, including shouting and having the phone put down on them. The reasons for this are varied and include parents being stressed by the current circumstances and sometimes because they say they are not aware of events and INSET Days.

As a school, we expect our staff to behave with respect towards children and parents but we also expect the same for our staff in their place of work. I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents that we have a zero tolerance policy towards rudeness directed at staff who are working tirelessly at this difficult time.  I am happy to discuss any issue you may have so please contact the school to speak with myself or Mrs Bridgman.

We also work hard to communicate with parents and I would respectfully remind you to ensure you have downloaded Schoop or you check the school website to read the messages (under the news tab) very regularly. If you have Facebook the parents’ Facebook page is another source of information and during these difficult times, messages from school are being uploaded there.


Christmas will be very different for the children in school this year but we are now thinking of socially distanced ideas for celebrating. More details of this will follow.

Stay Safe,

Mrs Woodford

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