Information on Accessing Family Support 

The Children and Families Team 

The Children and Familes Team offer a range of support for children and families through a range of different opportunities and programmes including: 

  • One-to-one work with parents 
  • Community based parent nurture group programmes 
  • Baby Massage 
  • Informal drop-in sessions that aim to provide information for parents on issues or concerns 
  • Direct work with children. 

Referrals for all services can be made through the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) 01639 686803 or and are available to families who do not need support from Social Services.   

Please click the link below for more information about the service:

All referrals are passed to a weekly referral panel which will help make sure that families get support from the service that best meets their needs.  
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Information on the Physical Punishment 

Please see the information below which explains the changes in the law regarding physical punishment of a child together with links to practical tips for support for parents. 

Children (Abolition of Defence of Reasonable Punishment) (Wales) Act 2020. 

There still seems to be some confusion over the new law of it being illegal to use any form of physical punishment on a child.  This includes smacking, hitting, slapping and shaking, but it can be anything where a child is punished using physical force. 

The Law states that: 

  • All physical punishment is illegal in Wales. 
  • Children have the same protection from assault as adults. 
  • This means the law is clear – easy for children, parents, professionals and the public to understand.  

What to do: 

  • If the abuse is disclosed to you, contact the police on 101 and refer to Childrens Services at Single Point of Contact (SPOC) 01639 686803 
  • If you witness this abuse, contact the police on 999 and refer to Childrens Services at Single Point of Contact (SPOC) 01639 686803 

There are resources to help parents understand the Law and to give practical tips, which can be accessed using the following links: 

Parenting. Give it time. | GOV.WALES