Additional Learning Needs

All children have skills, talents and abilities and as a school we have a responsibility to develop these to the full.   

At Crynallt Primary School we believe that: 

  • All children are entitled to a broad, balanced, relevant, challenging and high quality education designed to enable individual pupils to participate fully in society and to contribute to and benefit from it; 
  • Children who have additional learning needs should be supported wherever necessary to achieve full access to the whole-school curriculum.  This will need to be facilitated through a range of access technologies including skilled staff, specialist equipment and resources, whenever appropriate; 
  • Children may require special programmes designed to maximise opportunities for independent living in preparation for life after school. 

The system for supporting children and young people with special educational needs and disability in Wales is changing. The ALNET Act of 2018 replaces previous legislation surrounding special educational needs which was established nearly 30 years ago. In order to prepare for a new system, Wales is currently undergoing an ALN Transformation Programme. From September 2021, the Welsh Government is bringing in a new, simpler and more responsive system of meeting the needs of children with additional learning needs. The new system puts the learner at the heart of everything that happens. It will be brought in gradually over the next few years (2021 -2024). 

ALN Reform

A Guide for Parents and Families ALN Reform

Additional Learning Needs and Education Tribunal Act Fact Sheet

Inclusive Learning Provision (ILP) 

Our school has a well-established Inclusive Learning Provision in which provision is monitored to ensure it meets needs, has pupil progress monitored closely by our ALNCo and which is available for all pupils, including those with Additional Learning Needs. This will form the foundation for all other support or provision in schools and includes: 

  • Good Teaching, Learning and Differentiation. 
  • Targeted teaching strategies to support each area of need.  
  • Standard targeted interventions. 

Additional Learning Provision (ALP) 

If a learner does not make appropriate progress in their learning and/or any barriers to learning are not addressed through Inclusive Learning Provision, or they present with significantly greater difficulties in their learning than the majority of others the same age, then an enhanced targeted package of support may be needed so that they can make progress and achieve their potential. This may include intervention and support using school-based expertise or through external agency support. 

The process to determine whether Crynallt Primary School or the LA should secure ALP, and subsequently will maintain the IDP, will be based upon the following evidence from school:  

  • evidence that it is not reasonable for ALP to be secured there; or 
  • that it is unable to determine nature or extent of a pupil’s ALN; or  
  • that there is an inability to adequately determine the ALP required to meet a learner’s needs. 

Interventions we provide in Crynallt Primary:  

  • Sensory Circuits  
  • SMART Moves 
  • Language Link 
  • Speech Link 
  • Talkabout  
  • Relationship Based Play (RBP) 
  • ELSA  
  • Nurture   
  • Precision Monitoring  

Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinators (ALNCos)
Our Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinators (ALNCos) are Miss L Williams and Miss A Clemes. If you have any concerns regarding ALN, please do not hesitate to contact us on or 

NPT Inclusion Service Playlist The local authority have developed a facility, called the ‘NPT Inclusion Service Playlist’, to share their documents and other helpful resources for our parents and pupils. This playlist is a great way to keep up to date as it is automatically updated with new content.