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Enterprise Activities

Enterprise Activities in School

Modern life means our young people need to be resilient, innovative and not afraid to experiment- all important for entrepreneurs.  Along with our Rich Tasks, we are using more Enterprise activities to develop a range of skills in our pupils. These skills include:

  • Team work;
  • Financial Literacy;
  • Organising and planning;
  • Using initiative;
  • Negotiation;
  • Taking risks;
  • Creativity and innovation.

A key part of enterprise in Crynallt Primary School is the making of goods, followed by the marketing and selling of these goods. However, not all enterprise projects involve this type of activity. Examples of enterprise activities in school include:

  • Research, design and make items to sell in the Christmas Fair. Junior classes were given  a budget of £25 for materials and  asked to research/decide upon items to make: Children budgeted for materials and worked out costs and possible profit: Children took the role of designers, advertisers, quality control and retailers;
  • Year 1 opened their own ‘flower shop’. They made ‘How to look after plants’ leaflets, posters and pots of flowers;
  • The ECO committee organised a ‘book swap’ to reduce books being thrown out;
  • During rich tasks pupils present, interview and market a range of ideas and products. This often involves speaking to outside organisations such as Tesco, The Welsh Assembly and local business.