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News from school

Dear Parents/Carers,

It has been a lovely start to the term and the children have really enjoyed being back in school with their friends. The weather has been so nice that we have really loved being outside.

The topics in school this term are:


The Enchanted Forest

They will be learning about fairy stories, minibeasts and trees.


Kids against Plastic

They will be learning about materials, plastic pollution and our seas.

Covid 19

Of course, we are still very aware of the situation with Covid 19 and, although vaccinations will undoubtedly help, the virus hasn’t gone away. We are so grateful to vast majority of parents who are wearing masks on site, following the one way system and socially isolating.

Children are naturally very open and we have had many stories about sleepovers, play dates and parties! As a parent myself, I appreciate the affect this lockdown has had on children but, if they mix outside school, we are increasing the risk of the spread of Covid 19. This is especially so in children as they are often asymptomatic.

It is also very important that if your child is asked to self-isolate they do so. It is so tempting to take them out, especially with this glorious weather but, again, your child may be well in themselves but still carry the virus. A negative test result does not mean that your child is not contagious or that they will not develop symptoms during the rest of the self isolation period.

It feels as if we may be nearing the end of these strange and difficult times due to the warm weather, vaccinations and low rates of the virus. However, the impact of new variants is unknown so it is important that we continue to pull together as a community so we can maximise the chance of everyone staying well, a good summer and school staying safe and open!

A few reminders/pieces of information:

  • We have noticed a number of scooters appearing on the school site. Please do not allow your child to ride a scooter or bike on site because of the risk to other people, especially during the busy drop off and pick up times.
  • Dinner money arrears are taken from the school budget so please ensure you pay in good time
  • We have been very lucky to receive a grant to pay for playground markings. The upper junior yard now has a racing circuit training track and the infants have a new counting snake and shapes and numbers!
  • Freya Thomas (Year 6) has won the story writing competition run by Jeremy Miles (AM). She is now the proud owner of a Kindle Fire! Her story is really moving and represents the feelings of young people during this pandemic. I am sure that you would love to read her story and it seems like a lovely way to end this newsletter so here it is!


The Story Of Hope

Longingly, I gazed at a family photograph which included my Grandparents for I had not seen them for months and months. I wished I could run up to them and give them a great big cwtch, but I had to make do with zoom calls, which my Grandparents just could not get accustomed to. Constantly informing my Nana to unblur her background and my Grandpa would freeze in the most unflattering poses. When will this horrible time end? My Mums voice interjected into my thoughts as she repeatedly hollered “Freya, Freya, Freya!” I was awoken from my daydream startled. “It’s the most beautiful day for a hike, the sun is shining come on let’s go.” stated my Mum.

 A few moments later, we finally got out the door as we followed the pavements leading us through the back of our estate down into the Gnoll. We trekked the trails tirelessly until we reached the fourth pond. Eagerly we turned right through a gate which was as decorative as the Queen’s crown to begin our ascent up the robust road to the brow of the hill. Wearily slogging on up the hill that was as steep as a 90-degree angle looking almost impossible to climb. Soon we reached the summit my legs felt like jiggly jelly.

 What a sensational view!  It took my breath away just how beautiful the scenery looked.  Stretched out ahead of us like soldiers in a parade were rows upon rows of dark green pine trees.  Tucked in behind them were dozens of wind turbines standing like skyscrapers.  We continued along a roughshod route across a ramshackle track which led us down an uneven, rocky road through the whimsical Welsh countryside. I used my stick to steady myself as we descended the zigzag trail until eventually, we stumbled upon a river.

 A few seconds later, the river meandered, majestically through the magnificent mountainside, glistening and twinkling in the Autumnal sunshine, splashing and sploshing upon the slippery steppingstones.  My Dad beckoned me to the riverside to try and get across.  By now my brother had already leapt like a salmon in and out of the river to the other side although his shoes wet and soggy.  In the blink of an eye we were all safely across.  Squelching through the thick oozy mud leaving deep imprints of our footprints on the track we carefully choose our next step.

Suddenly I heard a whoosh above my head.  I glanced upwards to see the most majestic creature.  It swooped and soared through the sky.  “It’s a marsh harrier” declared my brother observantly.  “I’ve longed to see one of those!”  We watched in wonder and amazement; this magnificent scarce bird rarely seen around here shouted out to me that hope was not lost.

Maybe I will get to see my Grandparents after all…

Can nature really conquer all?

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