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Latest News from School

Dear Parent/Carers,

We are now settled back into school after the Easter break. The children have been brilliant. They are coping with the restrictions in school, working and playing hard! I have several updates and pieces information for you, some of which (miraculously!) are not about Covid!

New Curriculum

The new curriculum for Wales is now well under way in school and it has changed the way in which children are learning. The focus is on skills and learning mindsets. More information about this can be found on the school website under the Curriculum tab. There is also a short YouTube clip below:

Our topics this term are:

Foundation Phase: The Enchanted Forest

Key Stage 2: Kids Against Plastic

Welsh Lessons:

‘Clwb Cwtsh’  is a chance to start learning Welsh for free on-line over 8 weeks and it will be restarting in May! Please go to for more details if you are interested. Everything will be available online and is FREE. 

School grounds:

Although the weather has taken a turn for the worst over the past few days, we have been working hard outside, planting, weeding and painting. We are now hoping for donations of plants that we can use throughout the school grounds. If you are ‘green fingered’ and have any cuttings or you are happy to drop a plant into school we would be very grateful. We will accept anything- vegetables, flowers, bushes etc. The site is so large we will always have a space!


We are delighted that numbers of the virus are so low. However, we do not want to relax our routines and processes too soon, especially given the new variants. Given this, can I please remind parents that the wearing of masks on school grounds is mandatory, unless you are medically exempt and we may need proof of this? The vast majority of parents are supporting us with this but we do need 100% support. As a last resort we could refuse access to adults who are choosing not to wear a mask- we really don’t want to do this!

Mobile phones

We have been very strict about not allowing children to bring anything in from home. However, with cases dropping we are, very cautiously, looking at our risk assessment. As a result, we will allow mobile phones into school for safety reasons only e.g. a child is walking home from school alone. The following guidelines apply:

1) Phones should only be brought into school for JUNIOR pupils who are walking home alone

2) The school takes no responsibility for lost or damaged phones

2) All phones must be put into a box as children come into school in the morning and will be kept centrally during the school day. Each class will have their own box to avoid cross contamination.

Thank you for your continued support.

Warm regards,

Mrs Woodford


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