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Dear Parents/Carers,

As we come to the end of a half term I wanted to write with some updates, reminders and curriculum news. We have been so proud of the children. The vast majority of them have dealt with these strange times so well and they are a credit to you all. The new nursery pupils have also settled in beautifully and Miss Williams has asked me to say how pleased she is with all of them.

We have been really busy developing the school grounds and the garden areas are looking lovely. Year 3 and 4 have been working hard on the ground next to the ramp and it is really coming together! The infant area has also benefited from work and painting and is looking so much better. Well done to everyone! We would still be very grateful of donation of plants so we can continue this work.

The work on rich tasks is continuing with Year 3 designing eco-friendly bags and t shirts! I think we have some future designers in school! They have also written some lovely reports on turtles to show off their spelling and writing skills. I really enjoyed reading them.

I have a few very important reminders for parents:

  • Please refrain from using Facebook to complain about members of staff. This is not appropriate as staff are not able to reply. Almost without exception, comments made are inaccurate and can be hurtful. If you have any issues please contact me directly.
  • We have had numerous complaints from residents about parents parking/dropping off dangerously in Trevallen Avenue/ by the school gates, often reversing into the main road. Can I ask that you take care to drop off/park in a way that has minimal impact of local residents and ensures the safety of all our pupils?
  • We are very concerned about the number of nursery pupils running up the drive at the end of the morning session. They are ahead of their parents and cannot see a car coming from around the staffroom. Cars can also not see them and we really want to avoid a child being hit. As there is only one class leaving at this time, there will be minimal crossing on the path so it would be far safer to walk up the path when the morning nursery are collected.
  • Dogs are not permitted on school grounds
  • The situation with Covid 19 is improving but it has not yet ‘gone away’. Schools in Cardiff and Porthcawl have had numerous cases which have resulted in hundreds of children and staff self-isolating. For this reason it is very important that we continue to wear a mask, socially distance and observe the one way system in school. Hopefully things will return to normal in September.

The Annual Report to Parents from the Governing Body is now on the website. It can be found under the Our School Tab, then Governors. If you would like a paper copy, please let the school office know and we can provide one.

We are continually reviewing the Covid 19 risk assessment. With the drop in cases we can now allow birthday cakes to be brought into school as long as they are shop bought and sealed when they come in. They will only be shared within a class bubble.

Thank you again for the support and consideration shown to staff over the past 18 months. It has made a real difference to us all and we appreciate each and every message of support.  Have a lovely half term and we will see the children back in school on Tuesday 8th June.

Best wishes,

Helen Woodford

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