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Updates from school

Dear Parent/Carers,

I hope this message find you all well. I have some information and news for you regarding the rest of this term and the next academic year.


Classes next year will be as follows:




Nursery (mornings)

Miss Williams


Miss Roberts


Miss Hawes

Year 1

Mr Fitchett

Year 1/2

Miss Evans

Year 2

Mr Bridgman

Year 2/3

Miss Morgan

Year 3

Mr Parton

Year 4

Miss Todd

Year 4

Mrs George

Year 5

Mr Gillett

Year 5

Mrs Gittins

Year 6

Mrs Neal

Year 6

Miss Clemes

You will note that Mrs Kneath and Mr Parvin are not on the above list. Sadly, they are both leaving us in August. Mrs Kneath has decided to focus on other activities, whilst Mr Parvin has been successful in gaining the Deputy Headteacher role in Catwg Primary School. We would like to thank them both for their hard work and wish them all the best for the future.

Also leaving us is Mrs Hill who is retiring. Again, many thanks for all your hard work over the years and the best of luck to you.

We will miss all three of you very much.


Once again, the school has come under fire from a small minority of parents on the Parent’s Facebook Page for not holding a Sports Day, not having photographs and not having Parent’s Evenings this year.  This is hugely disappointing as we are relying on the support of parents in this difficult time. Each school is different in terms of size, building, staffing levels so each school has had to make their own arrangements regarding organisation this year. It has been no easy task at all and we are constantly reviewing our risk assessment.

To clarify the points raised:

  • I had a meeting with other Headteachers from across NPT yesterday when this was discussed in detail so know that all schools have not had Parents Evenings, Sports Days and photographs this year. Some have managed photographs, some have had phone/Team consultations with parents and a few are having a version of Sports Day, depending on their individual risk assessments.
  • We are following LEA advice not to have a Sports Day with parents in attendance/ mixed class bubbles. We could have had individual class sports days but this seemed pointless as it would be similar to a P.E. lesson! Instead, as mentioned in previous messages, we are arranging a Fun Day for each class in the last week of term.
  • Legally, schools need to report to parents twice a year with one meeting and one end of year report. Traditionally, we have always had an extra Parents’ Evening in February as we value the partnership with parents. Face to face meetings are not possible this year (again we are following LEA Advice) and in February we were closed to pupils. Teachers did ring pupils regularly throughout this time and spoke to parents as well. In the Autumn Term teachers provided short written statements to parents and offered follow up phone calls if wanted. This term all parents will receive a school report again with the opportunity to speak to teachers with any queries. We will also organise a face to face Parents’ Evening as soon as we are able in the Autumn Term .
  • In addition to this, the teachers in Crynallt have direct access to parents via class dojo and have sent out literally thousands of messages this year. This is not offered by all other schools.
  • We have always had school photographs in September and were obviously unable to do this last year. However, a photographer has been booked for this coming September, when we hope we can offer individual photographs in a socially distanced way.

Please note, all of us in school want things to be back to normal as well and you can be assured that, as soon as we are able, events will be reinstated.


Monday 12th-Thursday 15th July:

Activities week for Year 6 pupils

Monday 12th July:

Transition activities for the children with their next class teacher

Reports and 2021-2022 class allocations sent home

Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th July:

Fun day for the children (each class will be allocated a session outside)

Thursday 15th July

Last day in school for pupils

Friday 16th July

INSET Day- no school for pupils. Staff receiving mandatory safeguarding training.

Thursday 2nd September and Friday 3rd September:


Monday 6th September

First Day back in school for pupils.


Please don’t heesitate to contact the school office with any queries or suggestions.

Take care,

Mrs Woodford


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