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Covid 19 update

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am sorry to have to have to write this message. However, recently we have had numerous cases of children attending school with Covid symptoms or being sent in despite household members having symptoms. On several occasions staff have been shouted at or spoken to rudely when they have queried this with parents. This is clearly unacceptable as they are trying to do their jobs under very challenging circumstances. We are also finding the situation difficult and try very hard to be respectful to all parents/carers- we would ask for the same in return.

I really appreciate that we are all weary of the Covid situation and that there are many opposing views about how it should be managed. However, the school will always follow Welsh Assembly and LEA advice which has not changed. The main points are:

1) If a child has any of the main Covid symptoms – new cough, change in taste or smell or high temperature they should not attend school. You should take medical advice to see if a test is needed. This also applies if a member of the household has Covid symptoms. The whole household should isolate until medical advice has been sought and/or a negative test result obtained.

2) The Lateral Flow Devices (LFD) are not to be used on symptomatic people. They are meant to pick up asymptomatic cases. The school cannot accept the result of a LFD test at all.

3) Children often show very mild symptoms so it is vital that parents are very vigilant and cautious.

3) Please do not leave a message on the answerphone saying a child is ‘unwell’. We have to carry out Covid monitoring so need details of what is wrong e.g. cold, sickness, sore throat, temperature.

4) Masks must be worn on the school site unless you are medically exempt. Please let us know if you are. Parents/carers who refuse to comply can be prevented from entering the grounds. This is mandatory policy put in place by the Welsh Assembly Government not the school.

We really hope that we are at the end of this pandemic. However, schools are still having cases. If a child is sent into school with symptoms/when a household member has symptoms this could well end in whole classes having to self isolate. We really want to avoid this.

Our only concern is to keep the school open and all children attending safely. Thank you to all parents who have been so supportive. It’s only a few more weeks until the end of term so I am appealing to the whole school community to support us to maintain full opening until then.

Take care,

Mrs Woodford

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