Information First Aid reporting

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are writing to inform you of a new system we are introducing as part of our First Aid reporting. Currently a member of the office calls parents of children who have had a minor bump to their head. This is to ensure that you are made aware of the bump and continue to monitor your child once home, and also to reassure you that the bump has been treated and is not serious.

From Monday 12th September, we will be sending a standard Dojo message to parents, informing you if your child has had a minor bump to the head during the day. This will ensure the message reaches you directly. If your child’s injury is more serious and we think that your child should be collected, a member of staff will ring you directly to inform you of this and arrange collection.  Class Dojo messages will only be used for minor bumps.

Below is the message that you will receive.

Your child has received a bump to the head today.  They have been checked/treated by a first aider and are well.  They will be observed for the rest of the day to ensure they remain well however you will be phoned immediately should this change.

Class teacher’s name

Best wishes,

Mrs Bridgman

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