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Aims & Vision

Our Vision

At Crynallt Primary School our vision is to create a caring learning environment where pupils develop as ambitious, capable learners. We will celebrate a range of achievements, valuing all individuals. We will ensure that all members of our school are enterprising, creative, healthy and confident, having a sense of belonging and their own self-worth. We will strive to support and nurture our pupils as they grow physically, academically, socially and spiritually.

At Crynallt Primary we will develop a hands-on curriculum that allows all pupils to learn through exploration, discovery, excitement and fun. We will support all learners to become ethical, informed individuals who celebrate their own personal success and the successes of others. As a team working together we will endeavour to develop a love of learning, ensuring that all pupils reach their full potential.


Our Aims

  • To build a safe and nurturing environment for all our pupils, ensuring that they benefit from attractive and stimulating physical surroundings, where diversity and individuality are encouraged and supported
  • To ensure that, through an inclusive ethos, every person is valued and respected regardless of gender, race, ability and disability
  • To encourage maximum attendance for every child
  • To develop a child centred curriculum which is broad, balanced and differentiated to meet the needs of all pupils, ensuring that all efforts and achievements are celebrated
  • To provide opportunities for our pupils to become ethically informed citizens who have an understanding of global citizenship and sustainable development
  • To develop all our pupils as independent and enthusiastic life-long learners and to equip them with the ability to make healthy life choices
  • To provide a range of experiences that will develop our pupils’ moral, social and spiritual understanding
  • To encourage pupils to develop a caring attitude towards all members of the school and wider community enabling them to behave in a positive and responsible manner
  • To develop a strong partnership between the child, parent, school and local community